Spring Boot Free Master Class

In this session you will learn:

​Spring Boot Introduction, Requirement And Its Features

​Spring Boot Project Creation , Project Structure

​Creating Rest API using Spring Boot

​Spring Data JPA Introduction, Managing Repositories Layer using Spring Data JPA

​Adding Custom Methods In Repositories

​Introduction To Spring Data REST, Sample Application Using Spring Data REST

“We humans always want more than what we have”. And that is the biggest reason behind the invention of new technologies.

If you are a java developer, POJO is not a new term for you. We have been using POJOs (Plain Old Java Objects) since long with various frameworks like hibernate, struts, spring etc. or even in the application without using a framework.

While writing a POJO it is a common practice to have various possible combinations of constructors, getters and setters methods, toString method, equals and hashcode method etc.

Long back when our IDEs were not so smart, we…

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